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核心提示:八年级英语同步辅导教程。以下内容由智学网整理发布。主要内容 1. 习语 1) play jokes on sb. 和某人开玩笑 2) check tickets

1. 习语
1) play jokes on sb. 和某人开玩笑
2) check tickets 查票
3) decide to do sth. 决订做某事
4) give away 送掉分发
5) give a lecture 作讲坛
2. 语法
1. but I’m not sure what to buy for him. 但我没定下来买什么给他。
what to buy for him像是what I should buy for him。英语中常用特殊疑问词+to
e.g. I don’t know how to do it.我不知晓怎么样做这件事。
=I don’t know what I should do.
When to start is still not clear. 哪个时候出发还不非常了解。
=When we should start is not clear.
2. I’m sure he’ll be pleased if you buy him a Liverpool football T-shirt. 我相
你给他买一件利物浦队球衣的话, 他会非常高兴的。
pleased 认可的开心的 形容人的感受
e.g. We are very pleased with her decision. 大家对她的决定非常认可。
I am very pleased to see you again. 我非常高兴第三看见你。
比较pleasant 让人愉快的 形容事情本事
e.g. We spent a pleasant day in the countryside. 大家在乡下度过了愉快的一天。
She has a pleasant voice. 她有着悦耳的声音。
3. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. 我不确定那是否一个好注意。
e.g. She asked if that was enough. 她问那是不是够了。
He asked if Mr. Gilbert's operation had been successful and the doctor told
him that it had been. 他问吉尔伯特先生的手术是不是成功,大夫告诉他,手术是
Ask if he plans to come to the meeting. 问问他是不是要来参加会议。
e.g. If that is true, what should we do? 假设那是真的大家该如何解决呢?
If you ask him, he will help you. 假如你向他请求他会帮你。
4. The disease is called TB. 这种病就是肺结核。
disease 疾病可数或不可数
e.g. The job of doctors is to prevent and cure diseases. 大夫的工作就是预防
He caught a disease of the eyes. 他患上了眼病。
be called 被觉得
e.g. Mark Twin was called a writer who understood boys. 马克.吐温被叫做了
Nothing can be called unknowable.没什么事物可以觉得是不可知的。
5. So Bill Gates decided to buy the medicine for them. 所以比尔˙盖茨决定给他们
decide to do sth. 决订做某事 像是make up one’s mind to do sth.
e.g. The boy decided not to become a sailor. 那小孩决定以后不当水手。
I have not decided where to go. 我还没决定去什么地方。
He decided to go himself. 他决定亲自去。
She has made up her mind to do better next time. 她决心下次做得更好些。
6. He gave away 21 billion dollars. 他捐赠了210亿美元。
give away 送掉分发泄漏
e.g. She gave away some of her clothes to the poor. 她把我们的一些衣服送给
He gave away the secret on purpose. 他故意泄漏了秘密。
复习部分give词组give back归还
e.g. When will you give me back my book? 你哪个时候把我的书还给我
give in投降
e.g. At last the enemy had to give in. 最后敌人只好投降了。
give up投降停止放弃
e.g. The suspects gave themselves up. 这部分嫌疑犯投降了。
He decides to give up smoking. 他决定戒烟。
After all these unhappy experiences, I gave up all hope. 经过这么多不愉
7. I am a very lucky man. 我是一个非常幸运的人。
lucky 幸运的 反义词为unlucky 不幸的
e.g. I was lucky that I met you here. 我在这儿见到你真走运。
I was very lucky to get a copy so cheap. 我这么实惠地买到一本,真是幸
8. I’m not sure, either. 我也不确定。
either 两者之一也不
e.g. I haven't read it and my brother hasn't either. 我没读过我兄弟也
If you don't go, I won't either. 假如你不去,我也不去。
There's coffee or tea - you can have either. 咖啡或茶─你可以任选一种。
Is either of the sisters coming? 这两个姐妹中有哪个要来吗?
9. He also liked to play jokes on his friends. 他也喜欢开朋友的玩笑。
joke 笑话, 玩笑 play jokes on sb. 开某人玩笑
e.g. Our teacher told us a joke today. 大家老师今天给大家讲了一个笑话。
We all played a joke on him. 大家大伙开了他一个玩笑。
The accident was no joke. 这场事故可不是儿戏。
joke 说笑话, 开玩笑
e.g. I didn't mean that seriously — I was only joking. 我不是那个意思我
You mustn't joke with him about religious belief. 有关宗教信仰的事你决
10. He likes to lie on the floor under the seat. 他喜欢躺在椅子底下。
lie 躺坐落于; 撒谎
e.g. He was lying in the shade of the tree. 他正躺在树荫下。
She lay down on her bed. 她躺在床上。
The factory lies to the west of town. 工厂在小镇的西边。
I'm sorry I lied to you. 我非常抱歉向你撒了谎。

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